Oluwaseun Ogunsakin Biography

Oluwaseun Ogunsakin

Oluwaseun Ogunsakin Biography

Meet Oluwaseun Ogunsakin, a tennis player from the southwest of Nigeria and the top-ranked U-14 player in Africa.

In the southwest of Nigeria, in the year 2009, Oluwaseun Ogunsakin was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wumi Ogunsakin from Ekiti State. His Father, Mr. Wumi Ogunsakin is a tennis coach; however, neither his birthday nor the month of his birth has not been made public.

The first tennis player from Nigeria, Oluwaseun Ogunsakin, has achieved history by being chosen to compete in Wimbledon, the oldest and most prestigious tennis competition in the world.

Ogunsakin, the top-ranked U-14 player in Africa, qualified for Wimbledon after taking first place in the African U-14 title at the junior ITF/CAT championships in Togo.

Ogunsakin has pledged to give it his all to win the Junior Grand Slam at Wimbledon. He will be playing there.

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Oluwaseun Ogunsakin, the top-ranked U-14 tennis player in Africa, achieved tennis history by becoming the first Nigerian to represent her country at Wimbledon.

Wimbledon is the oldest tennis competition in the world and is considered as the most prestigious. Wimbledon first took place in 1877 at the All-England Club in Wimbledon, London.

Before the competition begins on July 3 in London, he will leave his training camp in Tunisia and participate in a number of events in Europe.

In the Tuesday final, the 14-year-old beat Ahmed Darmoul of Tunisia 6-2, 6-4. Oluwaseun had just one week earlier defeated the same opponent in the warm-up competition, so it was double the happiness for him.

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Oluwaseun Ogunsakin’s Career

Oluwaseun’s career has taken off since 2018, all due to his father and coach, Ekiti State tennis coach Wumi Ogunsakin.

According to the latest information I received this morning, Oluwaseun is in a strong situation to qualify for the junior event at Wimbledon in July. I’m crossing my fingers and fasting and praying a lot.

A scholarship from @ITFTennis will allow Oluwaseun, who is presently attending the ITF tennis camp in Tunisia on a scholarship, to travel to France and the Orange Bowl in the US before competing in his first grand slam at Wimbledon.

This is a thrilling time for tennis in Nigeria, and Ogunsakin’s success is evidence of his commitment to the game and hard work.

We wish him luck in his upcoming matches and are eager to watch him fight on the international stage.

The juvenile left-handed boy has already begun to daydream about meeting his hero. “I’m overjoyed because this is a huge accomplishment for me. My tennis has gotten better thanks to my instruction at the ITF facility.

Rafael Nadal is my favorite tennis player, and I hope to meet him shortly, says Ogunsakin.

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The 2023 version will take place from July 3 to July 16 in London.

Ogunsakin received a wild card to participate in Wimbledon’s Junior Grand Slam, and he will launch his European Tour career before the competition starts.

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The International Tennis Federation Confederation of African Tennis (ITF/CAT) junior championships in Lome, where he won the African U-14 crown, inspired the naming of the player.

Oluwaseun Ogunsakin has pledged to give it his all and bring home the trophy because this is the first time a junior player from Nigeria has progressed to the junior grand slam’s main event.

It is anticipated that the 14-year-old will leave his training facility in Tunisia soon to participate in a few European contests.

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Ogunsakin has a 70% win percentage, according to the International Tennis Federation, winning 16 games while dropping 7. In the most recent list, which was published on March 20, 2023, he is placed 1040. In the rankings from January 2023, he achieved his highest position of 917.

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