Julius Berger Scholarship for Nigerians 2023


Julius Berger Scholarship for Nigeria 2023

Leading company in Nigeria Planning, designing, engineering, building, operating, and maintaining industrial, infrastructural, and construction projects are all services offered by Julius Berger Nigeria Plc (JBN). Julius Berger is a committed partner with a track record of delivering reliable, excellent results.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and in fulfillment of its commitment to drive enhancement and capacity building within the Education and Human Capital Development sector of Nigeria, the company is awarding scholarships to qualified female engineering students at public universities across the country.

The merit-based scholarship is open to full-time female undergraduates studying in the following courses at Nigerian public universities:

The disciplines included in this group include cartography, chemical engineering, civil engineering, construction engineering, construction project management, electrical engineering, land surveying, mechanical engineering, metallurgical and material engineering, metallurgy, production engineering, project management, quantity surveying, and structural engineering.

Applicants must:

Being a citizen of Nigeria
Be a female
Attend a Nigerian university that is owned by the government or the state.
Be a student in the technology, engineering, or environmental faculties.
a second-year student enrolled full-time at a federal or state university in Nigeria that has received NUC accreditation.
hold a 3.5 or higher CGPA in a 5-grade system.
Application Method 1. Both a valid phone number and a private email account are required for each applicant.

2. Interested parties who meet the requirements should apply online at

3. The application should contain information about your academic and personal history.

4. Applicants must include scanned copies of the following papers with their application:

a recent passport-sized photo of the applicant in JPEG format that is no larger than 200 kilobytes, a letter of admission from the school or from JAMB, the results of the UTME, the applicant’s O’ Level results, and, if applicable, the applicant’s ‘A’ Level/OND/NCE results, as well as academic performance in the 100-level courses

Applications must be received no later than October 9, 2023.
The only candidates who will be notified of the exam date are those who have been shortlisted. JBN has the right to select and reduce the number of applications.

If You Need More Information, Visit the company’s website.

The deadline for applications is October 9, 2023.

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Australian Catholic University Offers International Undergraduate And Graduate Scholarships in 2024–2025

Scholarships are awarded to international undergraduate and graduate students at Australian Catholic University who have demonstrated academic excellence in prior studies.

Students will have access to up to 20 scholarships, and each one, if they are making adequate academic progress, will last for the duration of the recipient’s term. Scholarships are awarded to students based on their academic performance. Because of this, we will only evaluate your application if your prior studies obtained an average result of at least 80%. Only research done in the previous two years may be used to calculate this average.

Applicants will also have the chance to submit an application for up to two Higher Degree by Research Scholarships, which will pay the tuition and stipend for anyone enrolling in a Masters by Research or Doctoral program.

For the bare minimum of your course’s length (including RPL/Credit), the scholarship will cover half of your full-time tuition.
Each year, 20 scholarships are available; 14 are given out during the first semester and 6 during the second.
nationality of the international students
School: any
Any degree that ACU offers, excluding programs leading to a route, diploma, or graduate certificate.
College: any level in the first year of study
A full-time study schedule is necessary.

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You need to have previously been accepted to an ACU undergraduate or graduate program that will begin in the first semester of 2024.
You must have completed previous coursework within the last two years (for applicants seeking undergraduate degrees) or four years (for applicants seeking graduate degrees) with grades of at least 80% (equivalent to a GPA of 5.8 on the ACU 7 point scale).
You must be applying to an ACU program that has requirements that are at least as rigorous as the program you are applying to.
You cannot already be a recipient of an ACU scholarship or award.
While enrolled at ACU, you cannot participate in exchange or study abroad programs.

Awardees must maintain the following in order to maintain their eligibility for this scholarship:

A seven-point overall course GPA of 4.75 or higher on the ACU’s scale.
For every course they had registered for during the preceding study period, they had received a minimum grade of Pass.
The scholarship cannot be transferred to other schools or programs after the initial enrolment.
Students are required to make the necessary tuition payments by the specified due dates.
The scholarship remains in place for up to a year while a student is on an approved leave of absence.
Successful applicants must also agree to assist in marketing campaigns and act as ACU student ambassadors.
Applications are assessed based on how well they adhere to the following requirements:

Quality in academics
The selection committee that selects the winners will include the Executive Director, International, the Executive Dean of each Faculty (or nominee), the Dean of Graduate Studies, the Associate Director, International Admissions and Student Relations, and the Associate Director, International Marketing and Recruitment. The selection committee could additionally consider:

The spectrum of undergraduate and graduate classes, research programs, and campuses that the candidates are enrolled in, as well as their home countries;
In the case of individuals seeking research degrees, the suitability of the applicant’s planned research with the university’s research strengths.

Documents Necessary for the Application
At least 80% average achievement over the applicant’s most recent studies should be shown as proof of academic merit.

Academic records must include papers in the original language, translations (if required), and a detailed defense of the grading system.
Application Method To Learn More, Please Click Here.

Visit the company’s website.

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Scholarships For Masters And PhD Study At Eastern Mediterranean University For Foreign Students In Turkey 2024/2025

Students who will enroll in their programs for the first time during the applicable semester may apply for scholarship possibilities each academic semester. Applications are submitted online throughout the program application process.

For PhD programs, international students may apply for 100%, 50%, and 50% scholarships, respectively.

Departments will grade candidates according to their departmental evaluation standards, not just CGPA. One applicant may get a 100% scholarship from the department, and up to two applicants may each receive a 50% award.

Those interested in these scholarships must adhere to the specified requirements in order to apply.

The minimal grade point average (CGPA) for undergraduate graduation is 3.00 (out of 4.00) or above in order to be eligible for 100% scholarship.
2.75 (out of 4) or above on the undergraduate graduating CGPA scale is the minimal qualification to be considered for the 50% scholarship.
Departments will grade candidates according to their departmental evaluation standards, not just CGPA. The department may award one applicant a 100% scholarship and up to two applicants 50% grants.

Approach to Application
Click Here to Apply

Requirements for College Applications:

Test Requirement: An ALES of 55 equates to a GRE (mathematical) score of 610 or a GMAT score of 450. Additional needs could be anticipated for some programs.

English Language Requirement: All applicants whose first language is not English must submit a most current TOEFL or IELTS score or successfully complete an EMU proficiency test.
For Additional Information, Go to the official website.

Deadline for Applications: December 31, 2023

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