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Rufai Oseni, born April 8, 1980, is a multi-talented media figure in his home country of Nigeria. He is the director and CEO of NEO Media Group as well as an OAP, poet, tech enthusiast, and TV host.

One of the most well-known TV hosts, financiers, actors, authors, and hosts of Arise News worldwide is Oseni Rufai, a journalist who was born in Nigeria. He is also in high demand as a keynote speaker.

Rufai Oseni, a radio personality, investor, and IT nerd, is a well-known public speaker throughout the entire world. He mentors aspiring business owners all over Africa and delivers motivational speeches at schools and institutions around the world. He has given a guest lecture at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School.

Rufai Oseni Early Life and Education

Oseni Rufai was born on the 8th of April, 1980, in Odogbolu, Ogun State to the family of Mr and Mrs Oseni in Ogun State. He has other siblings brothers and sisters. Rufai Oseni’s mother is dead while his father is still alive.

In Ogun State, Nigeria, Oseni Rufai studied at the Federal Government College, Odogbolu.

Rufai Oseni completed and earned a degree in the course Animal Anatomy and Physiology. He received his schooling at the University of Agriculture in Abeokuta.

Rufai Oseni Career

Rufai Oseni has worked as a guest lecturer at major universities like Cambridge University and the University of Sussex.

Oseni Rufai is the best toastmaster you could ask for. He has moderated discussions arranged by the governments of Mauritius and Nigeria. He has hosted first-class meals for British Airways and the US government. He is a member of numerous Toastmasters groups, both inside and outside of Nigeria. Senior leaders from Microsoft and Nielsen have also been trained by him. Rufai has mastered accuracy and timing since these are essential to his job. He has served as a host for several banks in Nigeria, including Skye bank.

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Rufai Oseni began his radio career in 2008 and has worked for numerous stations across the country. He believes that the development of technology is essential to ensuring global prosperity. He was a mentor at Ideas Hub and has acted as the host of numerous national technology conferences.

Co-founder of the online store, Oseni Rufai also offers advise to other Nigerian IT companies.

Rufai Oseni values education, and he has spread his enthusiasm for it by teaching English language at several National Open University of Nigeria branch campuses. Thanks to his wide mentorship network, more than 5,000 college students in Nigeria have benefited from his guidance and are dispersed across the nation’s academic institutions. He is a participant in the planning committee for the Global Entrepreneurship Week at the Lagos Business School.


The Lagos State Government has promised to punish Arise TV presenter Rufai Oseni for using the BRT lane instead of the one designated for it. (BRT).

Gboyega Akosile, the chief press secretary for Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, referred to the television journalist as a lawbreaker and claimed that Rufai had already confessed to the police about his offense.

Rufai would be subject to the appropriate punishment for breaking BRT regulations, he claimed.

According to Akosile’s tweet, Thank you, Rufai. We will make sure that the appropriate legal action is done against you for driving in the BRT lane, as you admitted to the police, while the @PoliceNG handle with the police officer in their own way. You broke the law, and you need to be punished.

On Monday, Rufai claimed in a tweet that a police officer had brandished a gun at him as he attempted to enforce a traffic rule.

He claimed that despite his willingness to pay the fine, the police were adamant about taking my keys by force and brandishing a gun at me.

In order to execute a traffic offense, the Nigerian police officer tweeted, “A Nigerian police officer pointed a gun at me and forcefully took my keys and drove my car off.”

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I don’t break the law. I observed vehicles driving past the ostensible BRT lane without stopping. I was abruptly stopped and instructed to utilize the bus lane. I won’t cross if I can’t see any other vehicles since I also want to be familiar with the route. In actuality, three cars also passed after I was stopped, he tweeted.

Rufai’s tweet prompted a response from the Lagos State Command’s Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, who claimed that the journalist had broken traffic laws and defied the police.

He did, however, add that if Oseni’s claim turned out to be accurate, the cop who had pointed a gun at him would face consequences.

We shouldn’t do this, Rufai, remarked Hundeyin. You acknowledged passing a BRT lane to me. It is prohibited by law. Your assertion that Google Maps guided you there is untrue. You fought the cops and disobeyed them. Upon verification, the offending officer will face punishment.

Rufai, however, responded to Akosile in a different tweet by claiming that he did not intend to infringe the law. If other drivers hadn’t been using the BRT lane, he claimed he wouldn’t have passed it.

Rufai Oseni Net Worth

His net worth is thought to be around $700,000.

Social Media handles

Facebook: Oseni Rufai

Twitter: Oseni Rufai @Ruffydfire

Instagram: rufaioseni

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