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Rinu Oduala Biography

HuBNGR, a platform that aids victims of state violence and police brutality in Nigeria, is led by Bolatito Rachel Olorunrinu Oduala, better known as Savvy Rinu in the media. She is a leader in her community, an advocate for human rights, and a community influencer who primarily focuses on issues of equality, justice, and community improvement. She was a well-known participant in the infamous #EndSARS movement.

Rinu Oduala Childhood and Education

On November 1, 1998, Rinu Oduala was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria.She attended school in Lagos State for both her primary and secondary studies. She enrolled in Moshood Abiola Polytechnic in 2014 to pursue a National Diploma in Science Laboratory Technology, and she received her diploma in 2016. She later pursued chemistry studies at Lagos State University in Nigeria in 2017.

Rinu Oduala Career

Savvy Reach, a company with a focus on media and communications, public relations, and digital marketing, among other marketing specializations, was founded by Rinu Oduala. She is a brand strategist and influencer who works as a director at “The Savvy Clothes.” She serves as the Executive Director, E.D. of the Marigold RO FDN as well as Project Director for HubNGR. In addition, Rinu is a mentor at Dweebs Global, the director of Coconut Head Media, and an ICFJ Knight Cohort digital influencer.

She has won the Woman of the Year and HerEconomy 2022 Awards, and she has been nominated for the Future Awards Africa’s Activist Prize for Advocacy. She has been nominated for several awards, including the CAHR Aminu Kano Leadership Award, the LLA’s 2021 Top 100 Most Inspiring Women in Nigeria, the NBC Washington 31 Women Making a Positive Impact in Africa, the Royal African Young Leadership Award, 2022, the 2020 Top 100 Most Influential Nigerians, the BBC Nigerian Women Leading the Fight for Change, the BBC Africa’s Influential Women of 2020, and the UN’s Peace, Justice, and Dignity nominee.

Rinu has been highlighted in publications like the BBC, CNN, Quartz, Black Ballad, Devex, Bloomberg, Voice of America, and Elle in addition to numerous other national media outlets. She has spoken at more than 100 events around the world, including the Council for African Studies, the Yale Macmillan Centre, and more. She also oversees one of Nigeria’s largest Twitter advocacy and political networks.

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Rinu Oduala Individual Life

In comparison to her professional activities, her personal life is less widely known. Savvy Rinu hasn’t tied the knot yet. She may, however, be involved in a relationship that is secret from the public.

Rinu Oduala Achievements

At Connect Hub NG, a human rights portal that records, defends, and opposes state violence and police brutality in Nigeria, Rinu Oduala serves as executive project director. She is deeply committed to social justice, democracy, and the political engagement of young people.

She has been nominated for the Future Prize for Advocacy and Activism and has won the Woman of the Year, Advocacy, HerEconomy 2022, and HerNetwork 2021 awards.

She also serves as the executive director of the Marigold RO Foundation, a nonprofit that collaborates with local and international partners to develop global citizens with strong voices and to develop young people’s civic skills.

Among other national media outlets, Rinu has appeared in publications on the BBC, CNN, Quartz, Reuters, Black Ballad, Devex, Bloomberg, Aljazeera World, Voice of America, and Elle. She routinely shares her ideas on National Dailies and appears on national broadcasting platforms.

She organizes crucial online discussions with young people, politicians, candidates, and representatives of civil society about mass movements and civic engagement in Africa.

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She works at NBC Washington. 31 women making a difference in Africa Nigeria’s top 100 influential citizens, 2020 BBC Business Day, “Nigerian Women Leading the Fight for Change,” 2020’s 50 Inspiring Nigerian Women BBC African women of influence in 2020, LLA’s 100 Most Inspiring Women in Nigeria in 2021 ABCD 50 most influential voices from Africa in 2023, YNaija’s 2021 list of the Most Influential Voices in Nigerian Politics The most influential and well-known politicians in Nigeria, Business Rankings 50 Most Influential Brand Advocates of 2022, YNaija Power List, TopCharts’ 100 Most Influential People in Africa for 2021, Avance’s 100 Most Influential Young Nigerians for 2020, the YNaija Media 100 – Influencers (Twitter), Twitter Influencer is among the Pulse Picks for 2021.

She has received nominations for numerous accolades, including the SERAS 2021 Africa’s Top Celebrity Promotion of Justice and Social Good, the LYA Youth Advocate of the Year, the CAHR Aminu Kano Award for Leadership, the NETNG Most Searched Person, and the TrenduPP Influencer for Force of Social Good, among others.

She has given speeches at more than 100 events throughout the world and is presently a Hurford Fellow at the World Movement for Democracy in 2023.

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Activism and controversies

In the fight against the institutions and processes that have led to widespread incarceration and police deaths of Nigerians—caused by police brutality both in Nigeria and elsewhere—Rinu has become a key player.

Rinu has been a strident and outspoken opponent of social, political, and economic inequities in Nigeria. She is a committed activist who is always thinking about and concerned with social justice, effective leadership, and the rule of law.

After the 2020 End SARS march, which sought to end police brutality in Nigeria, she received even more attention. The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) of the Nigerian Police was an infamous unit with a long history of crimes against humanity. Later, the demonstration’s demands included an end to SARS and better governance in Nigeria.

Several famous people, including Davido and Burna Boy, took part in the demonstration.

Her company, Connect Hub NG, is a citizen-focused initiative that helps bring relief to vulnerable individuals using social media. They work with a group of young people to chronicle, defend, and speak out against state-sanctioned violence as well as to provide timely assistance to innocent victims of police brutality.

Rinu Oduala Net Worth

At the time this biography was being written, the clever activist’s net wealth was a mystery.

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Rinu Oduala Handles on social media

Instagram: @SavvyRinu
Twitter: @SavvyRinu
Email: rinuoduala@gmail.com

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