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David Hundeyin Biography

David is a writer, journalist, and travel enthusiast with interests in politics, technology, and money. The Africa Report, CNN Africa, Channels Television, Business Day, PlusTV Africa, and Yahoo Finance are just a few of the international print and broadcast outlets that have featured his work.

Before transitioning to writing, David began his career in business consulting and marketing. He was one of the original writers for “The Other News,” Nigeria’s first prime-time political satire TV program, which averages close to 2 million viewers each week.

In the fourth episode of the Netflix documentary “Larry Charles Dangerous World of Comedy,” David’s work on “The Other News” was highlighted. Additionally, the International Visitors Leadership Program of the United States Department of State nominated him to participate in the 2019 Edward R. Murrow Program for Journalists.

In addition to his reporting and investigation work, he currently writes three columns each week. During his downtime, he enjoys watching Liverpool FC, making fun of the situation in Nigeria, and engaging in Twitter debates with complete strangers under the handle @DavidHundeyin.

Nigerian journalist, activist, and novelist David Hundeyin. He started a Substack newsletter called the West Africa Weekly.

David Hundeyin Early years

David Hundeyin was born on May 6, 1990, in Lagos State, which is located in Nigeria’s southwest geopolitical region. Born and raised in Lagos State. He attended Grange School for his elementary schooling before transferring to Atlantic Hall for his secondary studies. David continued his studies at the University of Hull for his bachelor’s degree and eventually received his degree in 2011.

Prior to moving abroad to pursue creative writing at the University of Hull and earning a degree in 2011, Hundeyin first studied mass communication at Igbinedion University. In 2013, he went back to Nigeria after holding multiple positions, including a contract role at KPMG.

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David Hundeyin Career

An investigative journalist, David Hundeyin. He has received criticism for his journalistic style, which is occasionally open-sourced, yet he has also won numerous prizes. He fled Nigeria after taking part in the #EndSARS demonstration because of repeated threats made against him.

David Hundeyin Work History

He penned a piece for NewswireNGR in 2020 concerning Globacom’s treatment of and working conditions for its Indian expatriate employees. The employees received their owed wages following the story’s publication. Narendra Modi, the prime minister of India, sent Hundeyin a letter of gratitude for his reporting.

In addition, he penned a research paper on probable human rights abuses resulting from a proposed infectious illnesses bill in Nigeria’s House of Representatives that addressed the Covid-19 shutdown. The People Journalism Prize for Africa went to Hundeyen for this piece.

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A 26-year-old lady was raped and later died, according to a 2021 article by Hundeyin. The claim that the suspect stayed at a hotel run by the wife of Nigerian politician Godswill Akpabio was made in the article and a number of Tweets by Hundeyin. Because he thought the article implied the couple was involved in the crime, Akpabio demanded a retraction from Hundeyin and threatened legal action.

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Hundeyin was given funding by Substack Local to launch the West Africa News newsletter on its platform in 2021. He credited the editorial and creative freedom it gave him for this shift in publication. He claimed that a telecom firm named Globacom throttled access to the NewswireNGR website after his report was published and asserted that the website would always experience cyberattacks following his publication of a news. Instead, he would send his subscribers’ newsletters directly via email.

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Investigative pieces on Bola Tinubu, the digital startup Flutterwave, and the BBC’s West African activities were published by Hundeyin in 2022. The articles sparked lively discussions on social media between Hundeyin and the people he wrote about or their supporters.

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Rinu Oduala


James Currey Fellowship

Following the signing of a publishing agreement with the program’s creator, Onyeka Nwelue, Hundeyin was named The Distinguished James Currey Fellow for 2023 as an academic visitor at the Centre of African Studies at the University of Cambridge. In March 2023, Hundeyin was expelled from Cambridge after an investigation into his behavior toward Nwelue at the Oxford University book launch. While Hundeyin was accused of making remarks that were sexist and misogynistic by event participants, Nwelue was accused of portraying himself as an Oxford University professor despite the fact that he was only an unpaid Academic Visitor. Even though he was only an academic visitor under Nwelue’s now-discredited fellowship arrangement, he claimed on Twitter that his fellowship had been granted by Cambridge University. Later, Hundeyin claimed that the claims and the development were the work of Oxford professor Miles Larmer and Kaduna state governor Nasir el-Rufai, an adviser to Oxford’s African Studies Centre.

David Hundeyin vs Isa Pantami

In a leaked voicemail that indicated the minister’s role in the Boko Haram insurgency that was frightening the nation on April 14, 2021, David Hundeyin called on Dr. Isa Pantami, the minister of communication, to resign from his job.

Dr. Isa Pantami publically praised the Afghan Taliban and Al Qaeda in their efforts to slaughter “unbelievers” and establish Sharia law in a sermon he delivered in Bauchi in 2006, according to David Hundeyin, who announced his plans to broadcast an unedited, full audio recording of the sermon on his Twitter account.

Net Worth

David Hundeyin has a plethora of expertise in journalism, having worked for numerous national and international media organizations throughout the years. His net worth is thought to be around $200,000, based on several sources.

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Individual Life

David wed his wife when he was 25 years old. They divorced three years after getting married. This divorce generated a lot of discussion on many social media sites. In his justification for the divorce, he stated that the marriage had left him emotionally scarred.

Social Media

On social media, David Hundeyin is quite active, notably on Twitter, where he has a verified account and more than 670,000 followers. On his verified Instagram account, he has over 26,000 followers. His Twitter and Instagram handles that you can follow are; @DavidHundeyin (Twitter) and @davidhundeyin (Instagram)



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