“THE DEVIL’S CHILD” (The Tale Of A Youngster Named 27)

"THE DEVIL'S CHILD" (The Tale Of A Youngster Named 27)

“THE DEVIL’S CHILD” (The Tale Of A Youngster Named 27)

The rebels killed her father.

To provide for her, her mother starved to death.

When rebels saw a baby girl inside her pregnant teacher, the only person who cared about her, they hacked open the woman and slaughtered her by chopping off her hands and legs.

“THE DEVIL’S CHILD” (The Tale Of A Youngster Named 27)

"THE DEVIL'S CHILD" (The Tale Of A Youngster Named 27)

During the civil conflict in Sierra Leone in 1995, she was born.

She was given the name “Mabinty” by her parents, which means “Princess,” but the locals termed her “The Devil’s Child” since she suffered from the skin condition “Vitiligo.”
Lack of the skin pigment “melanin” is what causes vitiligo.

They nicknamed black beauty queens “melanin popping” since melanin is what turns black people black.

Her parents wed in a union of love, and even under duress, his father refused to take a second bride.

White patches of skin develop on those who have vitiligo.

Her father only had her; her uncle had three spouses and fourteen children—thirteen girls and one boy.

Her parents taught her to read and write Arabic at a young age because they were both literate.
At the diamond mines where he worked, the rebels murdered her father.
Her mother was ordered to live with her uncle in accordance with sharia law, but she refused to wed him, which infuriated him.

He starved her, and her mother provided her the meager food they received.

Her mother was malnourished, fell ill, and eventually passed away from Lassa fever.
Her uncle gave her to an orphanage after burning all of her mother’s stuff.

The orphanage declined to take her because it was already full when she arrived, but then her father’s pen and note dropped to the floor.

“THE DEVIL’S CHILD” (The Tale Of A Youngster Named 27)

The director inquired about the author of the book, and when she nodded, he was taken aback.
The director commented, “This child shows great promise,” as she turned to face her uncle.
Despite the fact that our orphanage is already full, I will accept her on one condition. You can’t go back and get her.

There were 27 children in the orphanage, and “Aunties” looked after them.

The aunts had their favorites; number one received the largest serving of food and first preference for clothing.
The smallest food amount and the last selection of clothing went to No. 27.
She ranked 27th!

She starved every day at the orphanage and was only comforted by No. 26 (Mia).
The adage “Misery loves company”

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Because she was intelligent, teacher Sarah, a pregnant woman, took care of her and offered her extra lessons.
A large wind carried a magazine cover to the orphanage’s gate one day.

A woman wearing a pink costume was standing on it when she reached out and grabbed it.
She showed the photograph to her teacher Sarah, who identified the woman in it as a ballerina performing ballet.

"THE DEVIL'S CHILD" (The Tale Of A Youngster Named 27)

She made the decision that she also wanted to be a ballerina and began training by herself by dancing on her toes and raising her hands in the air.

“THE DEVIL’S CHILD” (The Tale Of A Youngster Named 27)

Everything was going smoothly until two inebriated rebels carrying a juvenile soldier stopped her and Teacher Sarah as they were returning one day.

When the rebels discovered that Teacher Sarah’s child was a girl, they executed her by amputating her arms and legs in order to find out the sex of the child.
She was also sliced open by the kid soldier’s machete, but she managed to survive.
At the same time, Elaine, a passionate advocate for orphans, lost three of her adoptive children to HIV.

She filed a lawsuit after they were inadvertently transfused with HIV-positive blood in the US.
Because her first son had a passion for Africa, she chose to utilize the winnings to adopt children from that continent.

The adoption agency called her, and she agreed to take Mabinty into her home despite being informed that No. 27 had been rejected by 12 families.

She took No. 26 and her in.

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while Elaine first met Mabinty, she pulled out the magazine and pointed to the dancing ballerina while asking her what she wanted to do.

Mabinty, now known as “Michaela DePrince,” was cared for by Elaine and her husband Charles, who helped her realize her dream of becoming a ballerina.

“THE DEVIL’S CHILD” (The Tale Of A Youngster Named 27)

Her dance teacher in the US told her when she was 8 years old that she wouldn’t succeed, but she disproved her.

She became the newest member of the Hallam dance company.

"THE DEVIL'S CHILD" (The Tale Of A Youngster Named 27)

She also danced in Beyoncé’s Lemonade video and is the only African dancer in the Dutch National Ballet.

I firmly think that everything happens for my benefit.

I have no idea what you are going through right now, but you must persevere and never give up.

God has a plan for our life; all we need to do is trust it, put up the effort, and NEVER GIVE UP!

“THE DEVIL’S CHILD” (The Tale Of A Youngster Named 27)

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