Father Edeh: World Richest Priest

Father Edeh

Father Edeh, also known as Rev. Fr. Emmanuel M.P. Edeh, is a Catholic priest of the Holy Ghost congregation who was born on May 20, 1947, in Akpugo, Enugu State, Nigeria. In 1976, he graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity (B.D.) from the Bigard Memorial Seminary, a campus of the Pontifical Urban University in Rome. He studied at De Paul University in Illinois, USA, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Master of Arts (MA), and PhD in philosophy. From Loyola University Medical Center, he also received a professional credential in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE).

Father Edeh’s Establishments

The Centre for Peace, Justice, and Reconciliation, which works to eradicate terrorism and violent extremism through nonviolent means, was founded by Fr. Edeh.

In addition, he oversees the Pilgrimage Center of Eucharistic Adoration, the Sisters of Jesus the Saviour, the Fathers of Jesus the Saviour, the Contemplatives of Jesus the Saviour (monks), the Contemplatives of Jesus the Saviour (nuns), Madonna University Nigeria, Caritas University, OSISATECH Polytechnic, OSISATECH College of Education, the Madonna International Charity Peace Award (MICPA) foundation, Following his calling, Fr. Edeh has supported peaceful conflict resolution in his native Nigeria and fought for the rights of those who are less fortunate in society. His religious groups also operate hospitals and residences for the sick, the elderly, the crippled, and the mentally ill. Additionally, they manage schools, programs for conflict resolution and counseling, and soup kitchens.

Fr. Edeh has been working to elevate and rehabilitate victims of numerous terrorist attacks and natural calamities since 1985, when he first began helping the war victims of Nigeria’s civil war. His network of support and rehabilitation organizations has expanded significantly over the past thirty years, starting in Nigeria and moving on to organizations like the Norwegian Red Cross, UNICEF, and Syrian War Refugees, to name a few. Another significant contribution of Fr. Edeh’s is empowering young females to grow stronger, transforming their terrorist experiences into constructive endeavors, and giving them access to education. His efforts at rehabilitation, education, and positive youth empowerment have cut off the terrorist organization Boko Haram’s supply chain, which is a significant step toward establishing peace on the African continent.

Fr. Edeh is also a teacher, helping to establish private school education in Nigeria. He founded and is in charge of numerous educational institutions, focusing on education for the disabled and education of girls. His mission of real and effective charity, which grew out of his personal devotion and prayers for the lives of the ill, the suffering, the crippled, the abjectly destitute, the abandoned, and problematic youths in society, is a concise summary of his deeds and accomplishments. Man has a responsibility to care for his fellow man without demeaning him or her in order to return God’s kindness. His charitable endeavor serves as an example of how God’s concern for people can be seen in action through man.

In his book “Igbo Metaphysics,” Fr. Edeh also expressed African philosophy, which holds that because God created and nurtured man, he is “mmadi,” or “good that is,” and as such, each man is deserving of respect and dignity.

One of the most prominent and respected clergymen in the world, as well as in Nigeria, is Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Ede. Long earlier, he founded the Catholic Prayer Ministry of the Holy Spirit in Elele, Rivers State. His ministry at Elele lasted for more than four decades and is still going strong today. Although he has made enormous contributions to humanity, you never see him raise the issue or express an opinion. Many non-Catholics aren’t even aware that there is such a priest.

Even though he has had enormous social influence, you seldom ever see him on television. He concentrates primarily on helping people.

He is a Priest of Priests and a wise and dynamic gospel preacher. Philanthropist, advocate for education, banker, theologian, philosopher, and metaphysician.

Among many other works, he is the author of Towards An Igbo Metaphysics.

According to reports, he owns big oil wells in Nigeria alongside people like Arthur Eze, IBB, Abacha’s family, Sonny Odogwu, and TY Danjuma.

Your legacy will be felt for centuries to come. He was an Enugu native and came from Akpugo in the Nkanu West local government area.

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He is the Founder and CEO of numerous organizations namely;

Nigeria’s Madonna University.

Caritas University in Enugu.

Our Savior College of Education.

Osisateth Polytechnic Enugu.

Tens of secondary and primary schools, both inside and outside of Nigeria, are founded by him.

Elele, the National Shrine.

Elele, the Fathers of Jesus the Savior.

Elele, the founding member of Sister of Jesus the Savior

Contemplatives of Jesus the Savior’s founder, Elele.

Oha Microfinance Bank, Enugu.

Mayfresh Mortgage Bank, LTD

Managing Director of Umuofor Microfinance Bank, LTD.

Triumph Bottling Company LTD.

Triumph Papermill LTD.

Our Savior Press LTD.

Triumph Chemical Industry LTD’s CEO.

Is Father Edeh still a Catholic priest?

A priest is a priest forever. However, he is no longer permitted to oversee a parish and is not a member of a diocese.


Father Edeh has won numerous awards, including the Nigerian Order of the Federal Republic (OFR), which he was given in 2008 in appreciation of his work to develop education in Nigeria, resolve conflicts, and engage in charitable activities.

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Father Edeh’s Net Worth

With a net worth of more than $500 million, Rev. Fr. Edeh is reportedly the wealthiest Catholic priest in the world.

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